JESUS ​​CHRIST: The biggest plunderer of African resources

For more than 2000 years, a new Western spirituality has been born, a spirituality in which a character called Jesus is the only MEDIATOR of human beings with God.

Gradually through colonization and slavery, this foreign spirituality was imported and imposed on AFRICANS through the following processes:

Slaves after 08 days in the land of slavery should automatically and obligatorily be baptized by their masters in the name of Jesus.

And gradually through what foreign powers have wrongly called CIVILIZATION, they have been able to carry out a mental reprogramming of Africans and black descendants, to bring them towards a spirituality whose character called Jesus Christ is the mediator of men with God; this spirituality they called it CHRISTIANITY.

From now on with this spirituality, Africans who have never been descendants of Jesus (because we are not Jews) find themselves in an enemy gear to their traditions, where they must pray in the name of Jesus.

But what we do not understand several centuries later is that adopting this foreign spirituality amounts to saying that we have decided to arm the enemy with those he needs to fight us.

I explain

All spirituality in the world is united around a fundamental element called EGREGORE.

What is an EGREGORE

It is simply an object, a name, a temple or any instrument on which one makes a projection of one's energies, one's own vibrations or one's wishes.

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And each time several energies make their projections on the same egregore, or several people converge their vibrations towards the same egregore, it contributes to making this egregore even more powerful.

So every time millions of Africans commit to praying in the name of JESUS, they massively contribute to feeding this egregore Jesus, who is an enemy egregore to Africa, and this allows this egregore to be used to crush us even more on all levels whether economic, political, social or financial...

Although today we are paying a high price, we must honestly recognize that this Western approach was very strategic,


Knowing that the human being is three-dimensional namely:

  • A biological dimension
  • A psychological dimension
  • A social dimension

Foreign powers have understood that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to attack the biological dimension, because that would practically amount to systematically modifying the stem and genetic cells of Africans, and that would have to require too many resources on a scientific, economic , military and financial.

This is why the foreign powers have deemed it good and relevant to attack the most fragile dimensions, namely the psychological and social dimensions (it is easier to seek to change those in which a man believes, instead of wanting to modify these genetic cells entirely).

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Through colonization and slavery, the West has been able to penetrate and impose itself in all segments of our society, and the fundamental element that they have been able to put forward to destroy us is CHRISTIANITY,

Because through that, they have imposed on us a way of thinking and acting only as they want, they have led us Africans to become very hermetic to our spirituality, they have been able to create in us this SHAME of saying that we is AFRICAN.

To reassure themselves that this philosophy resists over time, they have entered a strategic sphere of our society which is EDUCATION, in order to reassure themselves that we continue to remain in this colonization; education in which we learn only what suits them, we only think as they have decided and we progress only at the RHYTHM they have chosen.

If today we claim to want to progress in the entrepreneurial world, we must necessarily get out of this colonial spirituality in order to learn new notions that the colonists have decided to keep secret from us.

Because as long as we learn only what they have planned for us, we will remain limited humans whom they can control as they please, since they master our intellectual level exactly,

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So today, it is time to carry out an intellectual revolt to definitively get out of the obesity of intellectual inconsistency in which Western spirituality has plunged us.

And this intellectual revolt I initiated it for some time inside my VIP box in which I share with you the secrets, and the skills NOT taught at school which allowed me to have the minimum of results that I have today.

So if you too would like to benefit from these skills and secrets that have allowed me to progress in order to become the entrepreneur that I am today and who is making its way,

Dr. Claudel Noubissie

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