Gabon: Ali Bongo firmly defended by Cameroonian internet users

Ali Bongo enjoys a large capital of sympathy from Cameroonian Internet users who are fighting a battle against those who try to insult or denigrate.

These Cameroonian Internet users find their brothers inhuman who make fun of the state of health of the Gabonese number one. Since President Ali Bongo Ondimba addressed his compatriots last December 31, a real battle has been observed on the Cameroonian web.

This battle is not between Cameroonians and Gabonese, but between Cameroonians and Cameroonians. The majority of Cameroonian Internet users show their sympathy for the Gabonese head of state and are virulent against their " brothers who try to denigrate him.

These Cameroonian Internet users think the Gabonese head of state is rather to be congratulated, for having recovered quickly and in such a short time following the Stroke of which he suffered a few months ago. From their comments on social media, they praise his bravery, tenacity and courage and firmly believe that President Ali Bongo Ondimba is simply strong.

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However, alongside those who mostly give thanks to God and wish him a speedy recovery, there is also a minority of Cameroonian Internet users in the pay of the opposition and permanent followers of gratuitous denigration.

We can therefore see that each time they have tried to insult or make fun of President Ali Bongo, they have been copiously insulted in return by their own compatriots who, in passing, remind them that the United States elected and re-elected a wheelchair-bound president in the person of Franklin Roosevelt.

And that in Algeria the compatriots of President Bouteflika do not complain about it and do not denigrate the state of the latter who has also been in a wheelchair for many years already.

Cameroonian Internet users find their brothers “ inhuman, reckless, wicked to make fun of someone who has had a stroke. Because according to them, Stroke is not the prerogative of a class of people and everyone can be hit like President Ali Bongo who is only a human being.

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To those who felt that Ali Bongo's speech was short, Cameroonian Internet users asked their compatriots to take care of their president's long speeches which, according to them, are still out of phase with the realities of Cameroon.

They also invite their "brothers" to no longer interfere in the affairs of the "neighbour", to leave Ali Bongo alone and to devote themselves to the problems of their country as well as to their president whom they call "grandpa" to do not name Paul Biya.

In this battle on the web, we even see that there are extremists and fanatics who, in order to defend President Ali Bongo, do not hesitate to insult and invective all those who try to denigrate him in the forums and groups of social networks. Even the most famous whistleblowers who have tried to sabotage the Gabonese president have had their way.

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It should be noted that each publication on the web relating to the state of health of President Ali Bongo and his speech of December 31 arouses the sympathy of Cameroonians and is accompanied by a virulent reaction against his detractors. Anything that shows that Ali Bongo enjoys a good dose of sympathy in Cameroon.


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