Cameroon – Lebialem: Field Marshal publicly executes four Chiefs

Field Marshal

The four traditional rulers; Chief Fuaminkeng, Chief Fiance Aleh, Chief Fuajijong, and Chief Fuawehnsuoh were kidnapped in a village called Essoh-Attah in the Southwest Region, Lebialem Division by the notorious Field Marshal yesterday at about 11pm.

The Chiefs were reportedly taken out of their homes by the separatist fighters and taken to the village market square where they were then shot and their corpses dumped in the Betuoh river.

The execution of these chiefs has brought great grief to the people of Essoh-Attah village as they attest to be living in absolute terror of both separatist fighters and the military.

The real cause for the execution of these chiefs by Field Marshal is still obscure. However, some inhabitants of the Essoh-Attah village are of the opinion that their execution might be linked to the fact they recently applied to Government become First Class Chiefs, and equally due to the fact that these chiefs voted during the recently conducted Regional Elections which was forbidden by the separatists.

Military forces have reportedly invaded Essoh-Attah village in a bid to fish out the executioners. This could equally be particularly worrisome for the population as there have been disastrous outcomes on the population whenever the military undertakes such missions.

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