Parliament : Forsab Joseph, New Assistant Secretary-General

He was appointed Friday, August 21 by a decision of the Bureau of the National Assembly. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on August 21, presided at the bureau meeting of the House at the end of which senior interpreter and translator, Forsab Joseph Enoh, was appointed new Assistant Secretary General of the National Assembly.

Forsab Joseph Enoh, born on December 10, 1952 in Ashong-Batibo, Momo Division of the North West Region, replaces Dr Fonkam Samuel Azu??u who is the chairman of the board of the independent electoral body, Elections Cameroon (ELECAM). Talking to Cameroon Tribune yesterday, Mr Forsab said he received the appointment with joy and satisfaction and ??immediately thanked God because the appointment came to confirm that God??s time is the best??. He has worked as translator at the National Assembly since October 27, 1975 and before being appointed to the post of Assistant Secretary General, Forsab Joseph Enoh was Technical Adviser and Director of Coordination in Parliament. The new Assistant Secretary General of the National Assembly, currently Officer of the National Order of Valour, is holder of diplomas in translation and interpretation from English to French, as well as from French to English obtained in the Georgetown University Washington DC, United States of America between 1976 to 1978. After having worked at the National Assembly since 1975, moving through the various rungs of the administration, Forsab Joseph in relation to the task awaiting him said, ??by virtue of my long experience in the House and my sound knowledge, I am already an asset??. He stated that ??the world is changing and we have to adapt to the changes??. He declared, ??being an Assistant Secretary General, I will work closely with my boss, the Secretary General to help law-makers and the bureau in the administration of the House??.
Emmanuel KENDEMEH, Cameroon Tribune

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