MTN Elite One : New Season Deferred to October 3rd

The postponement is in response to a request made by club presidents. Initially billed for September 26, the new football season has been deferred to October 3, 2009. The information which is yet to be approved by the executive committee, was made public by the Secretary General of FECAFOOT, Tombi A Roko Sidiki. The decision is in compliance with a request made by club presidents in their general assembly meeting that took place in Douala on September 11. In a

communiqué that sanctioned the end of the meeting, the club presidents among many other things, asked for more time to prepare for the new season. They cited the case of Panthere Bangante and Astres Douala who went through two and a half months of psychological and physical stress to prepare for the Cup of Cameroon finals, saying two weeks is not long enough time for them to recover and begin active competition. The club presidents equally demanded an increase in the subventions provided by the official sponsor, MTN, to clubs request an increase from 8 to 20 million for division one clubs and 3 to 10 million for division two clubs. Already, the assistant general Manager of MTN Cameroon, Jean Claude Ottou, announced an increase in the package to football clubs during the ceremony of the Man of the Match award. The clubs president by the postponement equally want to give FECAFOOT time to finalise negotiations with a transporter who will be charged with transporting clubs during the 2009-2010 football season given that the MTN Elite Two championship will be played all over the national territory like the Elite One. The clubs want FECAFOOT to take charge of their transportation by train for journeys to and from the north, foot the bills for medical tests and health care coverage for 25 players per club. The club presidents in their communiqué equally complained about the quality of jerseys that were given to them by MTN and suggested that the funds be given to the different clubs to purchase the jerseys themselves while conserving the MTN logo on the jerseys

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