Miss Blacky’ Contest Underway

Miss Blacky

The casting was done at the Prince de Galles hotel in Douala recently.

The Black Attitude association within the framework of the second edition of the ‘Black and Beauty Days, organise a beauty contest christened ‘Miss Blacky’ which will take place in the month of April, 2020.

The casting for the competition to select candidates who will qualify for the national finals took place on Saturday January 25th at the Prince de Galles hotel in Douala. The competition is reserved only for girls who have maintained their natural complexion and black in colour. Speaking on the occasion, the promoter of the event, Flora Ze, said the concept was developed out of the desire to discourage skin bleaching which seems to be gaining grounds among young girls in Cameroon. ”Black is beauty.

The African woman is beautiful but she is influenced by fashion from elsewhere to change their complexion to be light-skinned”, she said, adding that she wants to wipe away the concept that only light skinned girls are beautiful.

However, she said the Miss won’t be elected solely on the basis of beauty but also evaluated on her knowledge and ability to champion the fight against skin bleaching. Flora Ze under the guise of the Black Attitude Association is not only sensitizing people against voluntary skin bleaching but also provides alternative methods of preserving the natural complexion by providing natural tips on how to maintain a good complexion using natural products. The association aims to reduce by half the rate of skin bleaching in Cameroon, give value to African culture, sensitise the public on made in
Cameroon products.

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