Sexuality: The vagina, an organ that differs from one woman to another

The tendency of the complex in some women emanates most of the time from their physical condition and the shape of their intimate part in particular; which pushes them to want a perfect vagina, without imperfections. Except that these women have inherited the ten types of vagina that exist in the world and which offer a very distinct particularity from one lady to another.

Compared to fingerprints or DNA, research shows that there are ten vagina specimens that make women different from one another and each unique in their own way. The ten types of vagina grouped by category according to their shapes and characteristics. Based on the shape, the very first type which is the Tight Vagina. Usually, some women seek to firm up their vagina, while others experience discomfort due to the fact that they have a tight vagina. Consequences, these ladies find it difficult to have sex, because they experience more pain during lovemaking. Hence the advice of doctors to make use of a lubricating gel to overcome this problem.

Second, figure prominently, the Large Vagina. By very well accepted by some complexed women, in view of the comments made about them that they are hyper sexually active, something that is probably not the case. Indeed, some women naturally have a larger and more flexible vagina and others who widen after childbirth. For those who wish to give more tone and sensitivity to their vagina, doctors recommend Kegel exercises (exercises intended to strengthen the pubococcygeal muscle) and many other tips to collect from a gynecologist.

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It's not just the lips of the face that seem to bubble, some vaginas are too, such as the Pouty Lips Vagina. This type of vagina is characterized by large, swollen, plump, close-set labia. Ready we also have the Tulip Vagina, as its name suggests, it looks a lot like a tulip that opens. This type of vagina is known for its particular flexibility. Very common in women, the Vagina in the shape of a Horseshoe. Just like the horseshoe, this one is wide at the top and gradually closes at the bottom. The Little Vagina, also called "Barbie's vagina" is inherited by a good frank of women regardless of their age or weight.

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In the second group and according to their characteristic, we can mention the Very Dry Vagina. These are women whose vagina does not secrete enough love juice to make it wetter. Experts explain that: "It can be due to hormones, stress and other factors". Before receiving any treatment adapted to this problem, “it is best to consult a gynecologist first because vaginal dryness differs from one woman to another and requires specific treatments”. To remedy this situation, pharmacies offer a wide variety of lubricating gel that allows you to have more comfortable sexual intercourse.

In addition to the very dry vagina, one also has the vagina with a strong smell. Contrary to what many women think, men are often more attracted to the smell of the vagina. These are natural and without any inconvenience unless the smells become like rotten fish which indicates an infection. In this case, it is advisable to meet with a doctor as soon as possible. As for the Vagina with strong natural odor, it is full of strong character for women who possess it. These are rebellious at heart and they like to let their hair grow, because they feel beautiful even without waxing. As for the smooth vagina, it is the complete opposite of the natural vagina in that it has no hair.

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