Cameroon - Yaoundé: Hotel Mont Febé accuses Senator Flambeau Ngayap of theft of objects

Epic soap opera. A Cameroonian senator accused of stealing luxury items belonging to the Mont Febé hotel in Yaoundé, in the political capital of Cameroon.

This is Senator Pierre Flambeau NGAYAP of the National Union for the Democracy of Progress (UNDP), an opposition party allied to the perpetual regime of Yaoundé for 25 years. The incriminated senator who is also vice-president of the party of the perpetual Minister of State Bello Bouba Maigari, gives us knowledge of a letter of denunciation from the director general (DG) of the Mont Febé hotel, and addressed to the secretary general of the senate, stolen the objects in dispute during his stays in the establishment.

 We come by the present correspondence to inform you about a very worrying situation. Indeed, during many stays of Senator NGAYAP, Vice-president of the UNDP, we noticed that the latter carried with him many objects stamped "Hotel Mont Febé", which he would surreptitiously hide in his domicile in Douala,” writes the DG of the Mont Febé hotel to Michel Meva’a Meboutou the Secretary General of the Cameroonian Senate, in a letter dated April 1, 2022.

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And to continue:
“Beforehand, we tried to reach him on the phone on September 17, 2021, to resolve this problem. But our multiple attempts remained unsuccessful until November 21, 2021 when he claimed the holding of a Commission which would prevent him from coming to meet us. Thanks to the intervention of the president of his party (UNDP), we were able to hold a meeting on December 1, 2021. This is how it was decided between the parties, in order to prevent the case from making any noise, that the Senator will come back the next day to get the prepared invoice, modestly assessed at FCFA 6 (six million three hundred and 310 thousand) for payment. »

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The Mont Febé hotel threatens to take Senator Pierre Flambeau NGAYAP to court, in the event of non-success of the means of conciliation for which the top management has opted since then, and this, until now. But it would eventually stand in their way, the judicial immunity of the offending senator.

Stay tuned…

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