Cameroon: Agbor Balla stop gulping blood money

If the Anglophone crisis escalated and went bloody, it is because you hijacked the strike of teachers and lawyers.

You do not miss an opportunity to cash-in. Balla, since you created your so-called human rights NGO, you have made huge sums of money than when you were a people’s Clark in the UN or an incompetent lawyer in Cameroon.
One would have expected that being a lawyer, you would have had your facts before you talk. You jumped into a conclusion without due diligence, accusing government troops of killing Cameroonians, including children and women in Ngarbuh of Ndu in Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region.

If the long stretch of the law does not get you, karma will not miss you and your generations to come. You will never enjoy, the houses you have built and the trucks that you import from Nigeria duty-free. ‘ Na blood money’
You are one of those who have become rich because of the crisis that you started. God is watching! You will pay!

The bloodshed in Southern Cameroon is on your head. Way back on 14 May 2015 in Bamenda, when you brought together Common Law Lawyers you made a secession-agenda speech. You implanted the seed of this confusion that has germinated into killings and untold suffering of Southern Cameroonians. It did not surprise me as you were a former president of SCNC (a secessionist movement) in Belgium and later in Europe; you dressed in borrowed robes of a federalist.

When teachers after negotiations with authorities decided to call off the strike, you hoodwinked them. This was in October 2016. To date, school-going age children are out of classrooms. You have stolen their future.
I recall teachers were to hold a press conference the next day, declaring the suspension of the strike action after leaving the North West governor’s office in the night, accompanied by a sea of commercial motorbike riders. Overnight, you and your likes ‘counseled’ them not to. In the morning, the teachers intoned a different song. Thereafter, the chain of events opened the violence window.
When you were arrested, you wrote a letter to the Head of State from Kodengui begging for mercy and promising to work along with the government for a return to normalcy in Southern Cameroon. You even collected money for this purpose.
Once out of prison, you had a botched-reputation-tag as the lawyers and other activists discovered your love for money and readiness to throw anyone under the bus. You turned hard on the government of Cameroon that you had promised to help while in prison. In an attempt to win hearts and reviews.

Lawyers rejected you. Secessionists don’t trust you, the population doubts you and the government has no confidence in you. What kind of a man are you?
Since a skimmer hardly lacks tricks, you pulled out the card of NGO business. You travel the world and make money in the name of bloodshed in Southern Cameroon. Your human rights NGO cannot give statistics on the number of schools and hospitals burnt, shops razed, kidnappings, killings, personal and public property destroyed, marauding, attacks on the Mbororos ( a minority) and ransoms collected by separatists rebels aka ‘amba boys’.

Hitting on the government is not because authorities are wrong but out frustration. You were not made a minister. You were not appointed to replace Tambe Tiku as a board member of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM). The list is long. Be humble and tell the 8 million Southern Cameroonians that you are a fraud and vampire. Your deeds will catch up with you.


Mbiydzenyuy Elvis

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