Salaries of Ports Workers to Increase

A national collective convention for worker??s association at Cameroon Port Authority was signed last week in Yaounde.Workers of the country??s autonomous ports are all in joy. This is because their salaries and working conditions will henceforth be improved so as to make them more productive and competitive in their areas of operation. Last Wednesday in the presence of the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Robert Nkili, employers and workers of Cameroon??s autonomous ports signed a national collective convention which seeks to improve the working conditions of workers during

and after their working periods with the company.According to the terms of the convention, the salaries of workers in all categories will increase, housing benefits will also increase as well as the introduction of a 13-month salary at the end of each year. The convention also defines clearly the classification of workers as well as stipulates that the advancement of workers will be automatic and uniform not based on personal relations or family ties as in the past. Due to the convention, workers will receive special prizes when exceptional results are obtained. Through the convention, the age of retirement will be uniform and the living conditions of those on retirement improved with their funeral ceremony taken care of by the company.Minister Robert Nkili told the Director General of Cameroon??s Port Authority in Douala, Jean Marcel Dayas Mounoune, to immediately apply the convention in its entirety. Robert Nkili called on the workers to use the opportunity that has been given them to effectively carry out their duty. The Minister said the convention is a legal document that regulates the daily relationship between workers and employers. According to Robert Nkili, the convention is a precious instrument to promote social dialogue and maintain social peace and stability in the company. By coming up with such a document which seeks to improve the living and working conditions of workers, the Minister of Labour and Social Security said it is one of the tools used by the President of the Republic to fight poverty.On his part, the Director General of Cameroon Ports Authority in Douala said the enterprise is ready to increase the salaries of its workers because in any modern company, the first priority is human resources and there goal is to make sure their human resources work in the best condition. Jean Marcel Dayas Mounoune stressed that it is necessary to improve the working conditions of their workers given that they operate in a very competitive sector which has an important economic value to the economy.

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