Remember Solomon Tandeng Muna


Activities to mark the centenary of the Late Statesman will be launched on Thursday.The 100th birth day of the Late Statesman, Solomon Tandeng Muna will be celebrated in Cameroon this year. The announcement was made during a press conference at the Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation in Yaounde yesterday March 27. Solomon Tandeng Muna was born in 1912 and died on January 22, 2002. He was the first Anglophone Prime Minister of Cameroon and former President of the National Assembly.

The event is organised by the Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation in collaboration with the Embassy of Brazil in Cameroon. The official launch of activities will take place during a plenary session at the National Assembly tomorrow with the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril, presiding. The event will continue to the end of the year with a scouting jamboree in Ngen Mbo, Momo Division. Since S.T. Muna was a former Chief Scout of Africa, it is expected that scouts from across Africa will take part in the event.The Coordinator, Yaounde Foundation Centre, Barrister Akere Tabeng Muna said the event will be launched at the National Assembly because Solomon Tandeng Muna spent the greater part of his life working in the National Assembly. ??We are exposing to Cameroonians part of his life,?? he said. Barister Akere Muna also announced that during the celebration, S.T. Muna??s autobiography will be published and people will have the opportunity to see a very important picture exhibition of football in Cameroon from 1923 to the early 70s and a stand exhibition showing the rest of the country.
Another important part of the event is the publication of a document carrying a speech made by S.T. Muna. Hhe made the speach in the Southern Cameroon parliament which had to do with the status of Southern Cameroons to be suspended during the process of independence of Nigeria. ??That to us was the finest political move he made or else things would have been different,?? he said. The activities also include photo exhibitions and works of arts, visits to the African Arts Meusum, an updated collection of stamps among others.

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