Ako/Misaje For Ever With The CPDM

Supporters of the party made the promise on march 24 during the party??s 27th anniversary.At 27, the CPDM party??s anniversary on March 24, 2012 gave the Ako/Misaje special constituency another opportunity to state their commitment to continue to standby the Party Chairman, Paul Biya whom they say is the generous leader who incarnates and charts the way forward for development. Ako/Misaje produced the best results for the CPDM candidature at the October 2011 Presidential election in Donga Mantung

Division and the party??s Central Committee team leader, Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry was in the chair on March 24, 2012 when militants in Misaje sang, danced and saluted President Biya. There was more to celebrate with Ako/Misaje also sounding off with the highest amount for the 2012 Public Investment budget in Donga Mantung Division and above all, with a son of the land, Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry retained in the December 9th, 2012 government of President Biya. It also emerged from the event that FCFA 150 million will soon be available for the construction of the Noni-Nkamala hill and eventually onto Ndumbu with yet another reason to jump for joy with an announced multi million grant from the World Bank for the Nkanchi water project.Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry announced that funds will soon be made available to sensitise and educate militants to understand the biometric system.

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