Political Debate On Social Media : “Discuss Ideas, Not People On Social Media”

Felix Agbor Balla, Human Rights Activist. “The social media has always been an interesting arena for debates which has led to more engaged discussions on topical issues that touch and concern citizens, life of the country, serious political issues on democratic transition, good governance and the fight against corruption.

I follow interesting political debates on the social media and I will describe myself as a fan of the social media. But there are also some trivial debates where the ideas and personalities of people are aggressively attacked. We might disagree without going nasty. We discuss ideas and not people on social media. Those who throw water and insults at others in my opinion, are those who have ran short of ideas. I think that the social media is a tool to enhance and reinforce democracy. I take this opportunity to caution on the abuse of persons for their political stance on social media.”

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