Organs Removed From Dead Girl

Family members and mourners of late 18-year-old Youatchoeu discovered the sad reality at the end of wake keeping.Five people have been caught up in an astonishing scandal following removal of some internal organs from the dead body of Youatchoeu Tsappi in Nkongsamba recently. The men, who are presently in gendarmerie custody in Nkongsamba in the Mungo Division of the Littoral Region, are being charge in

connection with the dead and removal of the organs of the 18-year-old Youatchoeu Tsappi, a nursing mother with a seven-month-old baby.The wake keeping was organised in the sitting room and frontage of the Tsappi compound while the corpse was in another room. The bereaved family and sympathisers had just finished wake keeping when they discovered that the eyes and breasts of the corpse of Youatchoeu had been secretly removed overnight.Families of those suspected to be involved are facing charges like they would have either given permission or actually involved in the removal of the organs. Based on certain reports those in custody are those the young girl had accused of involvement in her initiation into the occult kingdom. Her parents, Agathe and René Tsappi, are said to have told security men that information about her final wishes indicted those arrested. Investigators say the removed organs however to be found has resuscitated a scandal which they expect would point to the rise of human organ marketing in the Littoral.
It is said immediately she passed on at about 6 pm in the witchdoctor??s house in Nkongsamba recently, the corpse of Youatchoeu Tsappi was transported to her family??s residence that night where a wake keeping was organised. It is worthy to note that she died in the presence of his parents in the witchdoctor??s house.
Before her death she suffered inflammations of the leg, which took her to the District Hospital in Nkongsamba where she spent three days of hospitalisation last September 2011. René Tsappi quoted his daughter as having said an old woman bewitched her for her beauty and from that day she started to suffer an untold malaise in her legs; not until 24 hours later she was rushed to the Hospital. Family sources say the young girl and mother of a seven months old baby since then shuttled between witchdoctors and traditional doctors until end of March 2012, when she gave up the ghost. She leaves behind baby.
In view of establishing more details about the scandal and bring those found culpable to book, security men are investigating as to how such a happening should be possible.

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