Illegal Bakeries Make Returns in Yaoundé

Helpless consumers grapple daily with bread from diverse sources that inundates the market.Bread is eaten by most people on almost a daily basis in certain parts of the country. Families buy it for breakfast while restaurant or eatery owners go for it for their numerous customers. With the growing urban population as a result of increasing rural exodus and the urban sprawl, the business is growing with each passing day. Besides renowned bakeries that often produce and display their produce for sale in public

like Socropole, Acropole, Calafatas, Boulangerie Française, etc, the bakery sector today in Yaounde employs many actors that employ every means to make fast returns from the growing business.Instead of carefully packaging and preserving bread in glass cupboards like the conventional bakeries do, other actors sneakily produce the basic commodity to hawk on the streets as if it were groundnuts. Underlining that some of these bakeries operate clandestinely would not be an understatement, given their location and the way they function.In the Centre neighbourhood near Etoug-Ebe in Yaounde for example, there are not less than three bakeries located close to each other, competing to feed the numerous mouths there. They work throughout the night and as early as 4 am, middlemen distribute the bread to the various shops within and without the neighbourhood. The same applies to other bakeries in the Biyem-Assi and Obili neighbourhoods of the city where this reporter visited as early as 4.30 am last Saturday.From observation, the hygiene of the immediate surroundings and even the baking dishes used leave much to desire. Worse still, water supply is epileptic and some of the bakeries do not have taps of their own. What they do when the taps run dry is anyone??s guess. At all cost, they make sure that they supply the ready market every morning. After all, customers would complain if there is no bread; and very few of them bother to know where the bread they eat comes from. In 2010, the control team of the Ministry of Trade impounded and destroyed tonnes of bread baked in a filthy bakery in Yaounde with the use of what controllers termed ??outdated inputs.?? Certainly, if a proper inventory of existing bakeries is carried out, the 2010 story will be repeated in many neighbourhoods and regions in the country.

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