Mrs. Edmonde DJIOKENG TEBOH : « Huawei Cameroon will continue to assist, support, and cooperate with MINESUP in ICT education efforts »


Interview with Mrs. Edmonde DJIOKENG TEBOH (Directeur des Relations Publiques zone CEMAC) during the Mou signing ceremony at June 2nd, 2021.

What kind of organization is Huawei ICT Academy?

ICT academy is a training program for students in ICT field of study, in partnership with their academic institutions. In 2013, Huawei launched its ICT Academy, a school-enterprise cooperation project that involves higher education institutions, to help build ICT talents ecosystem. In 2018, Huawei Cameroon officially partnered with MINESUP to open four HUAWEI ICT ACADEMYs in Cameroon. The Academy is a fully free social responsibility program with institutions that does not charge students any fees, but it provides students interested in ICT with the world’s leading ICT technology training and offers job opportunities for some excellent students. In others words, Huawei ICT Academy puts in place a bridge between universities and the industry world.

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What is the added value of this MOU Renewal with I.U.C ?

It can be said that Cameroon’s ICT industry is booming and the Cameroon government has been implementing its 2035 National Development Plan. ICT is an indispensable pillar of Cameroon’s national development. As a strategic partner in the ICT industry designated by the Cameroon government, Huawei is helping Cameroon to build an ICT hub in Africa in various aspects and dimensions. ICT talent cultivation and education is the top priority to ensure a strong Digital economy in the future. This MOU renewal with I.U.C represents Huawei Cameroon’s commitment to ICT education and its determination to Fulfill the company’s social responsibility through talents training. Inspiring I.U.C teachers and students to participate in Cameroon’s ICT construction and promote the development and progress of the ICT industry in Cameroon.

What is Huawei Cameroon’s plan for ICT education in 2021?

Huawei Cameroon will continue to assist, support, and cooperate with MINESUP in ICT education efforts. We will strive to open more Huawei ICT academies and work with our partner’s universities to increase the exam pass rate of students. Following this logic, in 2021, Huawei intends to train 2000 ICT talents students in Cameroon.

We strongly believe, this transfer of competences from professionals to academics, will help build a strong ecosystem for the ICT economy development in the future.

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