Tia returns to the beginning of her journey, was it only a dream? 

5th episode of the animated series "Goodbye Princess"  

"Temptation Apple" - Will the princess accept the prince's kiss? 

HONG KONG, SAR, November 30, 2022,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- In the fifth episode of the animated series " GOODBYE PRINCESS», fashion icon, C-POP singer, internationally renowned Asian film and television actress Tia Lee (Tia Lee Yu Fen) bites into the apple given by the magic mirror. Then she returned to the seabed and at the beginning of her journey, was it just a dream? With the 6-part series coming to an end, stay tuned as the plot continues to challenge your imagination. Viewership figures for the preliminary motion picture and animation MV promotion series of “ GOODBYE PRINCESS » have reached great heights with almost 90 million views nowadays. 

In the fifth episode "Temptation Apple", after the handsome prince knelt down in front of the princess and declared his love to her in the previous episode, they are now dancing in the castle. She casts a casual glance outside and notices that the dazzling light that drew her into this adventure is getting further and further away. She runs down the spiral staircase of the castle without the prince. She is led into a room where the magic mirror awaits her and reflects her "old life" as a carefree mermaid swimming happily in her sea. Then the magic mirror gives her an apple which she bites into without hesitation. The handsome prince arrives, but not fast enough to be able to stop him in time. When the princess opens her eyes again, she finds herself at the bottom of the sea again. The television shows images of the handsome prince with the unconscious princess in his arms trying to revive her with a kiss. 

Then, the"Temptation Apple" poster (Temptation Apple)», released on November 26, tells Tia fans more about this episode:  

  1. The magic mirror that never lied makes an appearance bringing Tia back to reality.  
  2. The piece of the apple changes the life of the princess. For better or for worse, the choice is up to her. 
  3. When the princess returns as part of the first episode in the seabed with an old television, all that she lived was only a dream? 

The fifth set byanimated pictures and still photographs for " Temptation Apple was released today together with vogue hong kong, featuring Tia in her top Prakakaas and her skirt Poem looking curiously into the magic mirror.  

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Will the princess be awakened to life by the handsome prince's kiss? Expect an unexpected ending in the finale of this animated series. GOODBYE PRINCESS ». 

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5th episode of the animation “GOODBYE PRINCESS”:   

Poster of the 5th episode of “GOODBYE PRINCESS”: (for download) 

Still image from the 5th episode of “GOODBYE PRINCESS”: (for download) 

Animated image from the 5th episode of “GOODBYE PRINCESS”:  

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About Tia Lee Yu Fen: 

Tia Lee Yu Fen (李毓芬), born in Taipei, is an internationally acclaimed Asian C-pop singer, film and television actress and model. Apart from on screens and on stage, Tia also frequently appears on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows. Fashion icon and trend setter, Tia has been on the cover of many fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire. She also gives beauty and fashion advice on a number of Vogue social networks. 

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