Photoshop crashes? Here are the best solutions

Photoshop is the most used and well-known image editing and creation program for all users.

Also, its potential and projection are very attractive, so professional graphic designers use this software. The result is optimal and its use is not even too complex, although it is necessary to master the technique of digital artistic creation. The ability to download fonts and plugins, in addition to updates, makes Photoshop always up-to-date with new built-in features that add design possibilities to those you already had as standard.

But, like all programs, Photoshop is not free from some bugs that prevent it from working normally. In addition, the graphic content of documents is composed of several different layers, which sometimes facilitates the appearance of an error that leads to a program crash. In these cases, the most common outcome is program closure, leaving behind any unsaved progress. If the file has already been created, we will have to start from scratch. If we created it at that time, the file will be lost in general.

Luckily for users, all is not lost and there are a few solutions that can prevent loss. Below we will explain how to save unsaved or damaged Photoshop files.

Why is the file blocked?

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is why the program crashes when we open a file. In this case, we can find two main reasons: the file is too large or not compatible. Regarding the first one, restarting the program and the device can be a solution. In the second scenario, it is better to update the program and check that our antivirus does not generate any incompatibilities. If the problem ultimately comes from the antivirus, we must program it so that it does not apply its protection on Photoshop or contact the supplier so that they can offer us a solution.

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But the problem with blocking is that it may cause file damage or content loss by not saving them. This is when we have to resort to other solutions like the ones we are going to describe.

How can we open a damaged file?

Files can be damaged during a program's crashing processes or simply by an error in the registered program itself. When we reopen them, the program will not allow it. To solve this problem, the best option is to restore the previous version, because it will not have the internal error that causes the failure to read the file. To do this, we must click on the document in question with the right mouse button, after which a drop-down window will appear offering the option. We click on the option, examine the possible previous versions and restore the one that suits us best.

In the event that this option does not work, it is better to resort to a professional repairman, since Photoshop does not offer much more solutions.

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What if the file was not saved?

In the event that you blocked the program without saving the document that we had in our hands, then we must try to restore it. If we open the program, we can select the recent files option, where perhaps the document we are working on will appear. This option is particularly recommended for newly created files. If the file does not appear, we can search for temporary files that the device saves automatically. These appear in the "Temp" folder, which is located in the "Local Disk", in "Computer".

For files that existed before modifying them, a generally effective option is to restore the previous version, so that we can work with the latest version available on the device. Also, Photoshop has an autosave option for the data recovery. Every 10 minutes, the program saves the work in progress. The last saved version can be restored and work with it. We may have lost part of the job, but at least we won't have to start all over again.

If none of these options work, then the best alternative is to hire a professional recoverer.

Which program do we choose?

Undoubtedly, Wondershare Recoverit is the most powerful offline data recovery software today. Its performance against over 100 possible data loss scenarios has made it an indispensable program for business computers. With it all our files are safe from our errors, blockages and the harmful effect of viruses. Its recovery rate is 99% and can act on internal and external memories, hard disk, USB, SD card, SSD and all types of storage devices.

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To use it, just download it and perform a scan of the desired location of the device. It will automatically offer us a list of files that we can recover. We click on the one we want to restore and the program takes care of restoring it to its original folder.

Available for Windows and MAC, Recoverit is the most recommended data recoverer around. Free download, compatibility, ease of use and potential. With these four features, you have conquered the market.

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