Cameroon: Nearly a thousand police officers mobilized in Garoua

They stormed the various crossroads of the capital of the North region for August 12, the date of the march for the release of Marafa Hamidou Yaya, Amadou Vamoulké and Iya Mohammed by the confederation of associations of young people in solidarity with the Cameroon (Cajsc).

It was at 4 a.m. on Friday August 12, 2022 that nearly a thousand elements of the national police stormed the Lopéré district where Mohamadou Bouba resides, the initiator of the liberation march of the sieurs Marafa Hamidou Yaya, former Minister of Territorial Administration, Amadou Vamoulké, former director general of Crtv and Iya Mohamed, former director general of Sodecoton and former president of Fecafoot. Other neighborhoods were also stormed by law enforcement, namely the Foulbéré neighborhood and part of the large Garoua market.

The purpose of the security system was to keep the organizer of the march at home, but also to search the neighborhood and his home. In small groups, the national security elements combed through houses in the Lopéré district. These elements of the police were looking for placards, banners and other gadgets made for the march; subsequently, track the entrances and exits of this district. Until 8 a.m. that day, the inhabitants of the Lopéré district were confined to their homes. The motorcycle taxis and the populations were subject to crossing the various checkpoints. Crowds of more than two people were immediately dispersed.

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In the urban center of Garoua, the deployment of the police is more noticeable at the crossroads of the large market of Garoua, at the crossroads of the brewery and the office of the Rdpc party. To reach the Total Grand Marché crossroads, you had to show your credentials. The pick-up from the Barnaké border police station was parked on the road and police officers were patrolling the intersection under the supervision of a police commissioner assisted by a police officer. The two men were the only ones to let the vehicles and motorcycle taxis pass. As the hours went by, the situation settled down and the security system was gradually lifted.

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Your newspaper reporter has approached a few elements of the patrol seated under the trees. “We don't have permission to talk to journalists, especially no pictures too. I do not want you to photograph my elements, ”kindly launched a 2nd grade officer. According to him, this mission had nothing to do with the march of August 12, 2022 demanding the release of certain pundits of the regime. “There is a series of assaults and robberies by motorcycle. We are there to reassure the population and seek out certain convicts,” explained the police officer met in the Lopéré district.

On the side of the leaders of the confederation of associations of young people in solidarity with Cameroon (Cajsc) nothing filters. Multiple attempts to join the initiator of the march in the city of Garoua were unsuccessful. In Maroua, the march was nipped in the bud by administrative authorities and law enforcement. Pressure was exerted on the leaders of youth associations in Maroua.

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