Cameroon: Senator Simon Achidi Achu Is Bereaved!

Simon Achidi Achu

Top Cameroonian politician is bereaved, family sources have told National Telegraph. Simon Achidi Achu, first Anglophone Prime Minister of Cameroon who served from 1992 to 1996 and was a leading member of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has lost a family member, says a source.

According to our source, the ex-Prime Minister’s nephew whose only name family members released as Ndeh died Tuesday April 9, 2019. Our source didn’t give any further details but confirmed Ndeh died by hanging himself in a nearby bush at Mbe, a quarter in Santa, a town in Cameroon’s North West Region.

Other family sources who confided in National Telegraph said Ndeh’s death was spiritual. According to our sources, Ndeh who’s in his mid fifties had sold all land willed to him by his father, including the graves of his parents.

Going forward, our sources added it’s totally against the tradition of the Santa people to sell pieces of land harbouring graves of loved ones. Reports say; people who in the past indulged in such acts died mysteriously.

Sources now hold that Ndeh must have died out of curses resulting from such actions. When the news of the death first broke out, many thought it was Senator Achidi Achu who had hung up himself since Ndeh hung up himself a few meters away from the Senator’s residence.

Some quarters were already alarmed as to what must have pushed the erstwhile Senator into committing suicide. Worthy of note however is that fact that in line with an earlier report published by National Telegraph, the former Prime Minister is still in the US since his arrival in February of 2019.

He arrived the Us in February of 2019 and has never returned to Cameroon although an old picture of him was circulated on social media making many to believe he was back to Cameroon.

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