Cameroon football: MillaÃ?â??s fight frustrated

Cameroon football legend, Albert Roger Milla has seen his fight against the Cameroon football federation president Iya Mohamed and the coach of the Indomitable Lions Denis Lavagne frustrated.The erstwhile honorary president led a campaign for the ousting of Iya Mohamed from the federation and the dissolution of the entire FA executive. His critical stance against the management of the Cameroon football body and especially its president earned him his firing as honorary president. Instead, the general assembly of Fecafoot pledged more support for Iya and also praised his management of the FA since he took over in 1998.

Milla, alongside the committee for the redress of football in the country, an organisation he champions, had also been demanding the sack of Denis Lavagne. His campaign almost came to fruition when the Prime minister asked Fecafoot to clarify on the appointment of Lavagne. There were equally moves to seek a local coach to replace Lavagne.
In a recent interview following the sack of Milla from Fecafoot, Lavagne said while Milla was campaigning for his sack from the national team, it is he (Milla) that ended up with a sack from Fecafoot.
With the confirmation of Denis Lavagne as the Indomitable Lions coach with a one-year contract, Milla is seen to have to another battle. A private meeting between Milla and Claude Le Roy, former Indomitable Lions coach who led DR Congo for a World Cup qualifying match in Yaounde, was rumoured to be a ploy by Milla to sell out the Lions?? secrets to Claude Le Roy and thus sabotage Lavagne.
Mila nonetheless reacted angrily to this, denying any intention to betray the national team. ??It is unfortunate for people to think that way. Is it wrong to have a meeting with my former coach??? he questioned.
While the roving ambassador is seen to have failed in his campaigns, Milla is still pleased that players and clubs presidents are heeding his call to boycott the second round of the professional league till conditions to resume are met.

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