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Mise à jour : 29 juin 2020

Cameroon: Bollore Group unveils intimidating statistics

Amidst the ongoing tussle by the Bollore Group to retain management of the Douala Terminal, the company has made public statistics that could be considered intimidating, not only to competitors but even to the general public.

One of them is that the Group offers not less than 5,000 persons with direct jobs across the world, many of who are family heads with many dependents under their charge. The Group had an annual salary bill of 30 billion francs CFA in the year 2017 alone; and with the passage of time, expansion and taking in of more hands, the wage bill is certainly higher in subsequent years. Similarly, the Group made a tax contribution of some 33.45 billion francs CFA into government coffers as at end of the same year, 2017. This figure is again, likely to be getting higher and higher in subsequent years with expansion and growth of the Group’s operations.

After 14 years of handling the Douala Container Terminal, Bollore management disclosed that traffic at the Douala Port had doubled, just as the queue having been lengthened and the area of the terminal expanded. As at 2018, this surface area stood at 378,758 nautical miles compared to 150.456 as at 2005, management disclosed.

According to the Group, this represents a 151% expansion over the last 14 years of their managing the Terminal. The company has also invested not less than 50 billion Francs CFA in other sectors of the national economy. This amount management said is higher than the amount of investment they were told to make as per the contract agreement; which amount was fixed at not less than 33 billion Francs CFA.

Business turnover when Bollore started stood at barely had risen to 50 billion Francs CFA as at end of 2018. The Group that was created in 1822 is now ranked among the 500 biggest companies in the world. What began as a family business is today still dominated principally by the Bollore family.
The Bollore Transport and Logistics Group is focused in four main areas of activity – Bollore Ports, Bollore Logistics, Bollore Railways and Bollore Energy.

Bollore Ports has presence in 21 seaports across the world of which Africa alone has 17 container ports managed by Bollore.
Apart from French speaking African countries, Bollore is also managing container terminals in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra-Leone and Liberia.
In terms of Transport and Logistics, Bollore is ranked among the first 10 in the world; distributed in 108 countries across the globe and collaborating with not less than 36,700 business operators.

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