Cameroon – 46th National Day: Unity village sends a strong message of oneness

The Unity and National Integration Village set up in the courtyard of the National Museum in Yaounde has turned out to be a melting pot of cultures.
From the photos and articles on exhibition to the food and dances served to visitors, hundreds of Cameroonians have come out like one man.
Any guest who goes to the courtyard of the National Museum will definitely learn more about the four cultural zones in Cameroon (namely the Grassfields, Sawa, Sudano-Sahel and Fang Beti), through the different articles put on display.
The “Atoghu” fabrics peculiar to the Grassfields is easily identified. These fabrics are displayed alongside locally-made jewellery and sculptures.
The Fang-Beti culture is projected through the numerous objects made from hides and skins, straw and leaves. These objects tell of the forest zone to which the people of the southern part of Cameroon are attached.
As for the Sawas, their traditional attire,”kaba ngondo” and “loin cloths” which are now considered the trade mark of these peoples of the coastal areas of Cameroon is on exhibition.
Visitors who explore the Sudano-Sahelian area of the northern part of Cameroon are treated to exhibitions of articles made from animal skin.
The bracelets, dyed fabrics, footwear and purses made of animal skin tell the story of a people who also practice grazing.
Representations of the four cultural zones of Cameroon have been placed side by side in the Unity Village. This melange shows variety and sends a strong message of the oneness.
In all, unity in diversity is the strongest meaning of the Unity and National Integration Village that remains open till 20th May 2018.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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