52nd Youth Day: Not an ordinary day for the youth

As early as 7am this Sunday 11th February 2017, youths of all ages dressed in uniforms littered all streets in Yaounde, en route to the marching grounds to celebrate the National Youth Day.
The marchpast in Yaounde took place in all the seven sub divisions of the Mfoundi Division meanwhile some schools selected from all the sub divisions gathered at the May 20 Boulevard for the Central Marchpast.
The marching was scheduled to begin at ten am but pupils, students and other youths were already present on the ceremonial grounds by eight am.
Such punctuality enabled many unable to have breakfast to resort to roadside vendors who were present with food and drinks.
Before the marchpast, the wait seemed longer for some who resorted to sitting on the sidewalks.
Finally, the Head of State’s message of 10th February 2018 is rebroadcast and the march pass finally opens!
Some pupils are way too focused to realise they lost a shoe…this leaves the area with abandoned shoes across the sidewalks!
While the pupils march, the older youths wait for their turn.
They must have a drink as the scorching heat spares no one.
Finally, the older youths take the stage…and here comes all the funny hairdos and design of shoes!
While the officials are seated on the grandstand, passers-by have chosen the sidewalks and even buildings beside the marching grounds to watch the march past.
As each group marches past the grandstand, the cheering reminds all of the success of the event.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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