The Spring Tape : Sounds of H1PNUZ [Vol. I]

H1PNUZ (??Hip-Nuts??) is a project on a global scale which unites skaters, DJs, MCs, graffiti writers and all-around ballers to create a unique platform for these creatives of different backgrounds and nationalities to share ideas and further develop this urban culture of ours.Initiated simultaneously in the ??burbs of Southern and Western Germany and Shanghai, China in the year 2000, the H1PNUZ project has since spread like wildfire to France, Italy, Asia, the United States and more

regions resulting in the banger you??re about to download (for free dollars).The Spring Tape, dubbed ??an international beat project,?? is a collaboration of 12 artists from six different countries (Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany and Spain), features both underground and well-known artists from three-time China DMC Champion DJ Wordy to Parisian producer Woodini?? oh, and it??s f@$king ill. I??ll let the homie Yann from H1PNUZ take it from here:
??What did we expect from this tape? First and foremost, we want the artists we present here to be heard by more people, to reach a greater audience. [Many] say we are living in an ??attention economy?? ?? to put it trendy, capitalism is the economy of likes, retweets, etc?? and what we want is that you give some of your attention to these guys on the tape. They most definitely deserve it!
??If music is what life is supposed to sound like, then this tape should show you our life. We didn??t have any expectations at all ?? four weeks before the release date we didn??t even think about doing The Spring Tape project. From idea to finalization within roughly four weeks was quite an ambitious goal, especially for a project with artists from different countries. But, hell yeah, the project is done and we really want to thank all the people who made this possible. Usually in these kinds of things you thank the artists first ?? we don??t do that! The biggest ??thank you?? goes to the guys who use their personal connections to link H1PNUZ up with different artists across the globe. Men of connections are men of power! Thank you for letting us use a small portion of that, we appreciate it.
??Big up to the artists who sent us their music and also to all the people who worked on The Spring Tape! We hope that you are satisfied with the final output, and even if you are not, it??s not really a big deal. Sounds of H1PNUZ [Vol. II] will come, so give us another chance on that one.
??One Love to all y??all, ??cause all we have got is one life. Enjoy the tape and spread the word!??

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