Special Criminal Court: Emmanuel Ndjere is second President in six years

The Special Criminal Court was created by the Head of State in 2011 by law no 2011/028 of 3rd December 2011.
The Court’s principal mission is to fight against embezzlement of public funds, corruption and ensure speed in judicial proceedings and restitution of property.
The new jurisdiction limits its influence on cases involving 50 million francs CFA and above.
The Court works in synergy with the Anti-Corruption Commission ( CONAC) , the National Agency for Financial Investigations (ANIF), the Supreme State Audit Office (CONSUPE) , the Public Works Regulatory Agency ( ARMP), Ministerial Anti-Corruption Units, the Public contract Tender Board and the Audit

Branch of the Supreme Court
After five years of existence, close to five billion francs is reported to have been recovered as corpus delicti paid by some defendants .
The SCC has equally ruled on damages worth over seven billion francs .

Three hundred cases are currently under investigation
The SCC , under the leadership of its new President Justice Emmanuel Ndjere has been called upon to continue the criminal proceedings in accordance with the judicial tenets.
The Minister of State, Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Laurent Esso during the ceremony this friday admonished the new leadership to be rigourous, discreet and work in strict respect of the penal code procedures.
He cautioned the media to stay out of judicial procedures and let the judges make ruling without fear, favour or resentment .

Kathy Neba Sina

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