RUMPI Offers 10 New Markets to Regional Councils

Buea (Fako) Ten local government areas (Councils) in the South West Region have received new market outfits offered by the government of Cameroon and the African Development Bank (ADB). The construction and free donation of market sheds to needy Councils was conducted by

the Rumpi Area Participatory Development Project (RUMPI) under the South West Development Agency (SOWEDA). The batch of 10 markets received between August 3 and 7, 2009 from contractors and handed over to the Mayors of the various Councils, takes the number to 13 among a whole lot of 20 markets currently being constructed by Rumpi for the South West. By the end of the exercise in December 2009, the 20 markets will cost CFA 630 million spread through all the six administrative divisions of the South West Region. The project is the fruit of a thorough on-the-ground research by Rumpi unearthing a dire need of the local population expressed by their Councils. So far, the markets already handed over to the Councils include Toko, Bulu, Isangele, Ekondo Titi and Bamuso in Ndian Division, Muambong and Nguti in Kupe Muanenguba, Konye (Meme Division), Mamfe and Eyumojock (Manyu Division). Earlier, Ekona, Mudeka and Mabeta in Fako had also received their markets in joyous mood. To officially receive the new markets from contractor-builders and hand them over to the Councils, the Rumpi Coordinator, Besong Ntui Ogork led a team of experts including Rumpi infrastructure engineer, Charles Nyongo, independent control Engineer Roger Nono, SOWEDA representative and Journalists of the State-owned and Private Press. They sailed through the teething odds of the Bakassi creeks, braved the near-impracticable roads of Ndian, Manyu and Kupe Muanenguba. To the beneficiary Mayors, the Rumpi coordinator admonished the population to effectively occupy the new market structures and shelve the old habit of displaying market commodities on bare ground. The Rumpi coordinator explained to the visibly happy population who turned out to receive the markets that the market-gift to the Council was the fruit of Government??s concern for the rural population. The markets, as a real need of the rural population, stand to embrace political, social, economic and hygienic advantages. Politically, the market-gilt will enliven the relationship between the base and the summit of the State machinery. Economically, they will help to expose the Region??s farming potentials and empower the toilers. Health wise, the modern market sheds will shelve anti-hygienic habits of displaying food stuff on dirty ground.

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