Profile: Abakar Ahamat, The Administrator That Inspires Confidence

The appointment of Abakar Ahamat as the new Governor of Adamawa Region is also the story of a senior administrator who became the 13th Governor of the then North West Province on December 10, 2007 and later, its pioneer Regional Governor on February 5, 2010.He leaves the North West after 4 years, 3 months and four days of service. Abakar Ahamat will be remembered for his zero tolerance for intrigues. He refused to condone bad governance and had lessons

to show with values of moral rectitude and integrity for North West elite who stood on the wrong side of history with blackmail, veiled battles and hatred as weapons. Fifty five-year-old Abakar Ahamat also rose to expectation as an administrator with a practical and straight forward approach to resolving the many land disputes in the region.He took decisions not as a giver of lessons, but as the head of an administrative unit concerned about its development and the future of those he administered. Ahamat is a man who loves to be seen as ??the needle that stitches and never the knife that separates.?? The enemies of the North West Region, according to him, include underdevelopment, poverty, misery and other evils.
Reacting to his recent appointment, he told Cameroon Tribune: ??My appointment as Governor of Adamawa Region after the North West is a mark of renewed confidence by the Head of State. It is an important act in the life of a civil servant, especially as this is my 13th appointment to a senior office since I joined the public service.??
??I should have been incomplete if I did not serve in the North West where I had the pleasure and honour to successfully prepare and welcome President Paul Biya in December 2010. I also thank the people of the North West who stood by me to organise hitch-free presidential elections in October 2011,?? Governor Abakar Ahamat added

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