Petroleum Production : Stakeholders Resolve to Partner For Efficiency

The 32nd session of the National Commission of Petroleum Products held yesterday. The Minister of Water Resources and Energy, Michael Ngako Tomdio, has tasked actors in the petroleum sector in the country to work as a team to surmount the challenges facing petroleum production here. Speaking yesterday during the 32nd session of the National Commission of

Petroleum Products, which held at the conference hall of the Ministry, Michael Ngako Tomdio said the deficit in the storage capacities both for petroleum products and for domestic gas constitutes one of the greatest challenges facing the petroleum sector in the country. ??We also have the problem of the supply of domestic gas, 65 per cent of which is imported??, he said. He said to overcome the problems and others, there is need for concerted action both from the public and private sectors. The minister disclosed that a number of projects were in the pipeline but that the acuteness of the problems required stakeholders to act faster. Mr. Tomdio however sounded upbeat that ??the development of our natural gas resources through some strategic projects piloted by the National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH) will enable us to increase our national supply of this important energy resource necessary in the fight against desertification??, adding that it would equally improve the standards of living of the population. Yesterday??s session, he said, was to examine six application files from two companies: BARILEX and OPOC PETROLEUM. If approved, the two companies will join the already existing 40 authorized companies exercising in the sector. The National Commission of Petroleum Products was created by a Prime Ministerial decree of November 13, 2009. It has as mission to, among others, examine applications from companies wishing to exercise in the sector as well as texts governing the sector in the country. Its membership includes the Minister of Water Resources and Energy, who is president, a rapporteur and 19 other members drawn from government ministries as well other related institutions involved in petroleum production.
Godlove BAINKONG, Cameroon Tribune

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