Norwegian girl collects used condoms and display them on the wall

Description below is translated with google translate. Tonje (27) from Harstad is not like other people. It began in 2010 when her ex-boyfriend came home with a pack of condoms.
There was something about the smell, says Tonje, who believe that rubber smell from condoms is the best smell in the world. After we finished s*e*x, I asked him if I could get the condom from him. He then replied if I was nasty, I said why I’m nasty then? It is also one of the reasons why Tonje today are single. I did keep it, but throughout our relationship hit rock bottom because of my fetish for used condoms. I remember I had a party at home. Some friends of mine had drunk some alcohol, so they ended up in my bedroom. That made me happy. I went in to my bedroom for a little while and asked if they used a condom. They did, so I said they could just put the condom on my nightstand, saying I could throw them away for them. But they didn’t listen. My boyfriend broke up with me a week after the party. I get more and more condoms all the time. It is the best feeling in the world. I feel so happy when I go to the mailbox. People were sending used condoms to me. It’s like Christmas every day for me. Tonje says that sometimes she can acquire 20 used condoms in a day. Sometimes she pay up to KR 500,- ($77) for a used condom. She also says that she pay an extra KR 100,- ($15) if they send a picture of themselves. I do not care what others think, some like cars and sports, I like to collect used condoms. Everyone have their own hobby. Tonje had many friends, but her weird collecting craze has created strong reactions. Most of her friends have chosen and denounce her as long as she is doing what she does. When I go out on the street, I am known as condom-Tonje, it’s not very nice. I am a perfectly normal human like everyone else. When Famez ask her a question where she obtain condoms elsewhere besides friends and people at the party, she said that the family are supportive. My father has many friends who send used condoms to me in envelopes. Otherwise, I have a lot of s*e*x myself, with people I do not know. So far Tonje have 1,921 condoms throughout her apartment, hanging on the wall in any room. « One day I’m going to clear 10,000, that I look forward to. » Famez Thanks for the interview and wish her continued success. If you want to earn some money, you can send mail to Tonje. [email protected]

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