National Day 2018: Civilians and the military ask for a one and indivisible Cameroon

The celebration fever began as early as 5:30AM this 20th May when the youth and military invaded the streets, all dressed in uniforms.
Pupils, students, the military and political party members were positioned as they watched the arrival of top government officials.
From 9:00AM, dignitaries arrived following protocol.
The arrival of Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji announced the coming of President Paul Biya.
In strict military solemnity, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces reviewed the troops mounted under the command of Brigadier General Nouma.
The military parade that followed was edifying.
The population was once again treated to the prowess of the men and women in uniform and the richness and diversity of its logistics.
When a contingent from the Nigerian army took its turn, the feeling of sub-regional military cooperation was felt.
Cameroon that shares an approximately 1800 km boundary with the Federal Republic of Nigeria has maintained its historic ties with this country.
Little wonder, Cameroon’s national day is treated with due attention by this brotherly nation headed by Muhammadu Buhari.
Brigadier General Joseph Nouma sounded the end of the military parade when he signaled the Commander-in Chief, Paul Biya.
Thereafter, young Cameroonians took turns to march past.
The dozens of banners brandished relayed messages of unity, love, patriotism, peace and multiculturalism during the second part of the parade.
Enthusiastic primary school pupils, secondary, high school and university students passed in patriotic songs and political parties ended the parade.
The Presidential coupled cheered the different groups determined to make the celebration one with a difference.
At 12:32pm, President Paul Biya and Madam left the ceremonial ground as part one of the celebration ends.

Pamela Bidjocka

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