restaurant sofar repair

How much does a restaurant sofar repair cost ?


Is a discolored and scratched sofa set spoiling your mood? Are you thinking about your restaurant’s bad surroundings with this sofa? Are you planning to sell your old sofa and buy a new one?

We are here to save money and make your old sofa look new again at an affordable cost so if your Restaurant Sofa set is looking a bit torn and worn, it’s ok! You don’t have to worry about it because it can be repaired and made to feel like new. Whether you want to give your sofa set a new or modern look or embrace the vintage feel by restoring them you just have to repair it. 

But, a question will surely arise in your mind: how much does restaurant sofa repair cost?

Well, the restaurant sofa repair cost will depend on several factors which include the type of sofa set you want to repair, The fabric or material used in the sofa set, the extent of the damage in square feet, and the type of repair needed for the sofa set. In India, there are many sofa repair services, including service at your door. Yes! You heard it right, your sofa will be fixed at your doorstep. You can hire professionals of your own choice based on your sofa repair needs. The professionals will bring down the required tools and equipment and will repair your sofa in your home at an affordable cost or you can also search for sofa repair services near your location. They offer various types of services regarding the sofa set like repairing any torn and worn part of the sofa, polishing of sofa, upholstery repairs, and general maintenance. The service cost may also vary from sofa type & repair requirement and service cost from city to city. The normal rate of charges started from 500 INR to 5000 INR, and more according to various factors. For various types of sofa sets like leather-made, wooden, cane, wrought iron, fabric or steel-made sofa sets repair costs vary from material to material and the extent of the damage. Apart from this, inspection or visiting charges can also be levied up to 250 INR. 

If anyone wants to book repairing sofa sets online, he/she must specify the exact requirement and select the type of sofa that needs to be repaired or fixed. After the confirmation of the booking of sofa set repair, the service professional will contact you and he will be at your place at the scheduled time to fix the sofa. There are many platforms you can go for like: Sulekha sofa repair service in Delhi, Digi home service in Delhi, Bro4u sofa repair service in Pune, and many more.

Here, we are providing you a ready reckoner table to know the lump sum cost of repairing sofa :

LEATHER500-1000 INR1000-1500 INR800-1200 INR200-500 INR
WOODEN300-800 INR1000-1500 INR800-1200 INR200-500 INR
CANE 350-700 INR1000-1500 INR800-1200 INR200-500 INR
WROUGHT IRON/ METAL500-1000 INR1000-1500 INR800-1200 INR200-500 INR

From the above-given table, you will be able to know the repair cost of the restaurant sofa and the doubt in your mind will clear. So without any delay, repair your sofa set today at an affordable cost and let your sofa be like a new one again without spending too much!


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