For all the music producers: Tunes of H1PNUZ [vol1]

This is a special service announcement for all the music producers out there.We just thought a good way to start the spring will be to start it with some good music. Every beating heart should become a part of H1PNUZ in the spring. That??s the vision! Our spring won??t be silent! (*no beef intented to the Eagles*. I won??t beef The Eagles, can??t do that??Dad would crush on me.)So, how to start the spring musically? Simple answer: With your talent and dedication. Please take some time to visit the following sites: and . Get inspired by the H1PNUZ story and then turn that creative energy you have into music. Yes, you can!All kinds of music are warmly welcomed! From classic 90bpm rapbeats to dubstep, electro or new age hiphop. As long as your music is inspired by the H1PNUZ

story, as long as you can relate to it, it??s all good, very good.A selection of 15 tracks will be released online for free download and the video makers of the H1PNUZ network will certainly pick some of the tracks for their upcoming projects??Please don??t ask who will select those 15 tracks, it doesn??t really matter since you don??t know them anyway. Please make the people happy, all they need is good music for a good spring :-)What: Tunes of H1PNUZ [vol1]To do: Get acquainted and inspired by the H1PNUZ story and turn that inspiration into a track.Deadline: Submit your music till the 10th of March 2012 (tunes[at], write there too if you have any question about the project)20th of March: Spring comes, the release too.Spring ,spring, spring, we can??t wait for your sounds. Tunes of H1PNUZ.One!


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