Cameroon – Yaoundé: Fridolin Nke summoned to Sémil

The university teacher will be heard on July 21 for incitement to insurrection and mutiny within the defense forces.

Fridolin Nke, teacher in the philosophy department at the University of Yaoundé I, will be heard on July 21, 2021 for "incitement to insurrection and mutiny within the defense forces" at Military Security in Yaoundé. His summons was sent to him by the head of the Investigation Division of the Ministry of Defence.

It all starts with the fact that, the university teacher announced on Saturday July 10, 2021 on his Facebook page, that he will be doing a live broadcast on July 11 at 17 p.m. to talk about the head of the Military Security Division. A day after this publication, an audio message, which would be the result of a telephone exchange between the university teacher and the head of the Military Security Division, went around the web. In this "violent" telephone exchange, the director of Sémil warns the academic to give up his plan to do a live on him and on the army. Except that, the university teacher did not let it go by reminding his interlocutor that he is a public figure and anyone can talk about him.

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Dr. Fridolin Nke, whom we contacted yesterday on the phone, said he did not know exactly why he was summoned to the Sémil. Some lawyers believe that summoning a civilian to military security poses a problem. Me Hyppolite Meli, lawyer at the Cameroon Bar explains: “The fact that the summons is signed by one of the protagonists of the telephone exchange first of all poses a problem that is relentless. In addition, I do not think that Sémil has the prerogatives to interview civilians”.

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