Employment: Workers Elect Staff Delegates Nationwide

Staff Delegates are currently being elected in private and public institutions across the Country this 1st March 2018.
The results of the elections that started at 8 am will be proclaimed at the end of the exercise.
The elections this 1st March involve Employees of private, public and parastatals. The exercise is being supervised by members of the trade unions concerned and representatives of the various enterprises.
At the Cameroon Radio Television corportion, the exercise took place at the hall of the production Centre in Mballa ll.The contesting trade unions are SYNACOM and SYNATRACOMEC.

Role of Staff Delegates
Staff delegates play a cardinal role in the smooth functioning of any enterprise.Besides being the link between the employees and the administration, staff delegates are an indispensable component in each enterprise.Some of their principal roles include;
# Representing the personnel at appropriate occasions
# Defending the rights of the personnel
# Mouth piece of the employees, transmitting information from the administration to employees and vice versa
# Responsible for building and maintaining a good relationship between both parties.

Context of Elections
The recent crisis in the two English speaking regions that was ignited by protests by the Treachers Trade Unions tells the story of the pressure this group is capable of exerting.
Since 17 months when the crisis started, staff delegates are regarded as a no nonesence force to reckon with.
This explains why, as soon as the medical personnel in Yaounde central hospital took to the streets demanding for better working conditions, government promptly intervened for an amicable solution.

Challenges Ahead
The staff Delegates have the delicate task of amicably negotiating favorable working conditions on behalf of employees.
Better management of enterprises, the payment of social insurance dues and retirement benefits are some of the issues the staff delegates have a keen interest on.

Kathy Neba Sina

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