Diabetes: Pregnant Women In the Limelight


Experts April 17, 2012 examined the issue which is a serious health problem in Cameroon.A workshop on gestational diabetes which is first recognised in pregnant women as they have high risk of developing abnormalities of glucose metabolism, was examined by health experts April 17 in a one-day workshop. According to Dr Eugéne Sobngwi, diabetes in pregnancy is not only a problem for the mother but also for the baby, reason why it is important to screen and diagnose early enough for appropriate treatment so as to avoid immediate and long-term consequences. The workshop, which brought together

health experts particularly gynaecologists and obstetricians, aimed at refreshing their knowledge. All are agreed the workshop was timely. For example recent statistics indicate that many pregnancy women in Cameroon are at risk of gestational diabetes.The workshop was also an opportunity to discuss the findings of a nationwide study on gestational diabetes carried out by Dr Sobngwi and a team in Cameroon. The study which was carried out in six regions in the country is currently being expanded to all the ten regions in Cameroon. The study, which grouped 1000 women and later implemented in 23,000 pregnant women revealed that the prevalence of gestational diabetes in Cameroon varies between five to 17 percent. According to experts, it is a serious health problem which is not yet recognised. Experts used the event to assess the magnitude of the problem in Cameroon and to devise the most appropriate and cost-effective strategy to screen women wherever they are in the country.

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