Commonwealth: Cameroon Observes 2018 Commonwealth Day

Cameroon had joined the 53 Commonwealth member countries to observe the 2018 commonwealth Day.
Commemorations were held under the theme, ” Towards a Common Future”.
The Minister of External Relations, Le Jeune Mballa Mbella organized commemorative activities to mark the Commonwealth Day in Cameroon .
The event was attended by representatives of member countries resident in Cameroon, and some government members.
During the event, the message of the Head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth was read.
The Minister said fighting climate change, growing international insecurity and organized crimes are some of the major issues Commonwealth members are tackling.
The day, also known as Empire Day is traditionally observed every second Monday in the month of March.
Commonwealth Day is a day when the 53 member countries reflect on ways of addressing global issues and seek ways of creating a safe, sustainable and fair future for its 2.4 billion citizens.

Some facts about the Common wealth
#The first Commonwealth Day was observed on the 24th May, 1902.
#It was instituted in the United Kingdom in 1905 by Lord Meath.
#In 1925, 90,000 people attended the Commonwealth thanksgiving service at Wembley stadium.
#A Commonwealth heads of Government meeting has been scheduled in London from 16th – 20th April 2018.

Commonwealth Member Continents

Kathy Neba Sina

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