sensibilisation au COVID-19

Cameroonian Volunteer Leading the Way in COVID-19 Awareness Efforts


Cameroonian volunteer Mbouwe Dongmo Rawlings has stood out for his commitment to fighting COVID-19. Trained by the Red Cross, he carried out essential awareness work on the importance of vaccination in the Buea community.

A Key Role in Vaccine Adoption

Through his efforts, Rawlings helped shift initially reluctant mindsets by informing the public about vaccine safety and efficacy. His patience and empathy were crucial.

A Reassuring Presence

The volunteer became a familiar and comforting figure, alleviating fears. The vaccination rate increased locally as a result, signaling the positive impact of his actions.

An Inspiring Example

Rawlings’ selflessness and dedication show how on-the-ground action can strengthen community health and resilience. His journey demonstrates the importance of individual initiatives in the global fight against COVID-19.

By Charles Mebada,

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