Cameroon; Money Fraudsters in Police Dragnet

Henri Abah and some of his mates involved in the production of fake FCFA banknotes have been arrested and placed under custody by the 13th Police Station in the Melen neighbourhood in Yaounde.Two weeks back at the Melen Market, Henri Abah wanted to use a fake FCFA 1,000 to buy eggs from a trader. The seller was vigilant enough to recognise that the note was fake. The trader immediately called the attention of the population. This created a scene around the trader which alerted the attention of the Police Post around.When the police searched Henri Abah, it was realised that he had a bulk of fake FCFA banknotes. Abah said that it was brother, Pierro Marvenda who had given him the money to

change. When Abah was taken to his residence, the police realised that he had over FCFA 450,000 fake FCFA 1000 and 2000 notes. It was also realised that some 25 million papers had been prepared to produce more money. Before leaving the residence of Henri Abah and Pierro Marvenda, the police did not only collect fake money and the products used in producing them but also gathered fake documents of different officials in Cameroon. Investigations are on going to track down other members of the fake money production chain.

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