Cameroon: International Disability Day Preparations Underway

A workshop to launch activities took place in Yaounde on Friday November 23.According to World Health Organisation and World Bank reports on disability in 2010, it is estimated that over 1 billion people live with a handicap, about 15 percent of the world??s population.In Cameroon, handicap people are estimated at 2.9 billion following recent reports of the Third General Census on Population and Housing in 2010. Thus a one-day workshop to strengthen the capacities of pubic and civil society organisations on the sectoral involvement of the rights of people with disabilities took place in Yaounde on

Friday, November 23.Speaking at the opening, the Minister of Social Affairs, Catherine Bakang Mbock, said the celebration of the 2012 edition of the International Day for Disabled people is a moment of sensation, advocacy and promotion of their skills and a call for more mobilisation on their social integration. She called on all social actors to contribute, expertise and know-how in order to adapt to the Convention on the Rights of Disabled People.The workshop equally marked the launch of activities of the 21st edition of the International Day for People with Disabilities which will be celebrated on Monday December 3, 2012. The theme for this year is; ??Get rid of barriers in favour of an accessible and inclusive society for all.?? The workshop was organised by the Ministry of Social Affairs in collaboration with the NGO, Sight Savers Cameroon.

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