Cameroon: Higher State Control undertakes precipitate lawsuits after fire in Parliament? –

Cameroon: Higher State Control undertakes precipitate lawsuits after fire in Parliament?

Almost a week after the fire that destroyed a compartment of the National Assembly of Cameroon, a team of the Higher State Control is conducting nonrelated arrests at the Glass Palace of Ngoa-ekele.
A joint Unit from Higher State Control came to the seat of the lower house of Parliament on November 22nd, 2017. Six days after the tragedy, the sorrow is still visible on the site and on faces; and yet this State agents are surprisingly present to conduct some arrests not related to the fire. Among the arrested there is Eloundou Magloire who is close to the good majority of Ministers in Cameroon. Thanks to his dealings with these personalities, he is undoubtedly serene despite the charges laid against him. The Director of the financial Section of the Lower House of Parliament he is charged with fraud, falsification of Parliament’s financial data and aggravated theft. Anyhow, he was arrested to the effect of being heard for these reasons. The Joint Higher State Control Unit also intended to escort a legislative assistant from the same institution; especially Tchougwe Laurence, a parliamentarian and employee of the company Inter Parlementary research network (a private company located in Douala, outsourcing some markets either legal or financial for the national assembly). Some colleagues of this second suspect said that he is abroad; notably that he left country as part of a work mission. Thus, a procedure for research and arrest were opened. Everything is blurred as this serie of arrest is concerned especially since it occurs withing remarkable losses.

The 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floors housing the office of the 1st vice-president of the National Assembly, the Honorable Etong Hilarion, the office of Vice-President Kombo Gberi, that of the parliamentary group of the SDF, that of the Secretary General Deputy No. 1 as well as the services of the Directorate General of Administration, were burned to ashes only 6 days ago. Likewise, the Directorate of the Budget and the balance of the Glass palace was completely consumed by the flames. 237online’s editorial team will conduct investigations, if they will be profitable, by the Higher State Control and some parliamentarians in order to lift the veil on this affair which seems compromised after the night fire on November 16-17, 2017.

Baloum Amchide,

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