Cameroon, Germany Oil Relations

President Biya last Friday, June 29 received in audience out-going German Ambassador, Reinhard Buchholz.Deepening of relations between Cameroon and Germany was central last Friday, June 29, during the audience President Paul Biya gave the German Ambassador to Cameroon, Reinhard Buchholz who came to bid him farewell after two years of Ambassadorship in Cameroon.??The audience with the Head of State enabled us to review all aspects of German-Cameroon cooperation,?? the German diplomat told reporters after more than one hour of discussion with the Head of State; a visit one would have imagined was simply to say goodbye.

This, certainly, couldn??t have been otherwise considering the historic links the two countries have entertained. The Head of State and his guest had convergence of ideas on how best to continue to lubricate economic, social, cultural and developmental links between the two nations. ??We shared the same sentiment to the fact that relations between the two countries are fairing very well and there are enormous potentials to widen them,?? Buchholz said.
In effect, as the German diplomat takes leave of Cameroon, he is confident of the basis he has set for his successor to enhance. His appreciation of the balance sheet he is leaving behind is quite positive.
??For the years I have spent here, I must admit that we had a lot of progress in all fronts, particularly in the economic domain,?? he said. According to him, there are several German investment projects that are in process. He assured reporters that the fertilizer production plant SNH and a German company intend to build in Cameroon is moving accordingly. ??As from next year, you will hear many things about this project,?? he said.
Reinhard Buchholz was particularly appreciative of the efforts the government is making to improve reforms in its democratisation drive. ??I encouraged the President to continue with what is already in process.
There are efforts towards democratization, governance, and fight against corruption. The past months have really witnessed changes,?? he stated. In all, the German diplomat who received farewell gift from the Head of State during the audience is leaving the country visibly satisfied of having contributed his own quota to consolidating cordial relations between his country and Cameroon.

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