Cameroon – Germany: Exemplary Development Cooperation

Talks between President Paul Biya and the Personal Representative of the German Chancellor for Africa came to consolidate the cooperation.
Cooperation ties between Cameroon and the Federal Republic of Germany in the domains of economic development, decentralization and environmental protection will henceforth have added impetus. President Paul Biya and the Personal Representative of the German Chancellor for Africa in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gunter Nooke had talks at the Unity Palace on February 15, 2018.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal representative who was at the Unity Palace for the third time said their discussions focused on strengthening economic cooperation, German investments and protection of the forest. He said they were ready to continue to support the decentralization process which can be part of the solution to tension in English-speaking part of Cameroon.
The current development cooperation between Cameroon and Germany is guided by the agreement reached during negotiations in Berlin in June 2016. Information from the German Embassy in Yaounde indicates that from 2017 to 2019, German financial support will fund the three priority sectors of German Development Cooperation with Cameroon that are decentralization and responsible governance, sustainable use of natural resources and rural development.
Reports say since Cameroon’s independence, Germany has supported the country’s development with a contribution globally amounting to 1,037 million euros, (approximately FCFA 679.2 billion). This amount will now be increased by an additional contribution of 100.5 million euros, (approximately FCFA 65,8 billion).


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