After Back-to-School : Petit Traders Heave Sigh of Relief

Holiday makers who hijacked business in most markets are back in school. Petit traders in Mokolo market like their peers in other markets within and without Yaounde say with the back-to-school which has taken off students that flooded the market, they can now reorganise themselves and hope for better sales. They say since the children were struggling to prepare themselves for schools?? reopening, they invaded the market and sold almost everything, everywhere, thereby rationing the customers and reducing their daily sales.

At the Mokolo market yesterday Tuesday September 8, the usual hustling and bustling that hitherto characterized the market was absent. ??The children, who hijacked the market, making life difficult for us, have all gone back to school??, Joel Mulu who sells hand towels said, rejoicing that, ??we can now heave a sigh of relief??. Most of the petit traders said the last three months were nightmarish for them as their daily sales slumped, bringing most of their activities to a near halt. They said the children were vibrant, money-minded and conscious of the fact that they had only three months to gather what could help them in a whole academic year and so went out for a full conquest of the market. ??They hawked all over, stood at strategic areas in the market, sold at reduced prices, offered even door-to-door service to customers and coupled with the fact that they could do just anything to lure customers to buying from them, they won a great proportion of the clientele?? Mulu said, adding that, ??this left us with the only option of waiting for our fervent customers who would only buy from us??. Another trader, Eduard, who deals in second-hand bed sheets, said his average daily sales dropped from FCFA 30,000 to less than FCFA 10,000. ??At times I would close at 2 pm and on certain days I would not even come to the market??, he said. He added that this greatly compromised his chances of respecting his daily savings, which he did before holiday. Though, the ??invaders??, as they chose to call the holiday makers are off the market, they said business is yet to boom for them; They said this might probably be as a result of the much spending parents and guardians incurred during the back-to-school preparatory period. ??But we are hopeful that we would bounce back to our former daily sales in the days ahead??, most of them said. Eduard said people who are making brisk business now are dealers in school material.
 Godlove BAINKONG, Cameroon Tribune

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