Yaounde Central Hospital: Excellence Rewarded

Outstanding staff of the hospital was acknowledged at a ceremony chaired by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Health.The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Pubic Health, Alim Hayatou has challenged staff of the Yaounde Central Hospital to continue with the crusade of attending to the health needs of thousands of Cameroonians. He was speaking in Yaoundé on thursday December 30 as he

chaired activities marking the annual feast of the structure. Alim Hayatou said reports from the Ministry rank the 77-year old hospital that takes care of over 6,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, 300 surgeries and over thousands of births in a better position thanks to its endless services offered thousands of Cameroonians. Despite some set-backs, Alim Hayatou was cognisant of the fact that the Yaounde Central Hospital remains the most remarkable in the country. He promised more government assistance to the hospital as it strives for excellence.
The high point of the event was the presentation of the first ever woman in the outfit to the rank of the French system of the « agrégé de medicine, » Prof. Madeleine Singwe Ngandeu, a Rheumatologist. Hardworking staff were acknowledged and those on promotion not leaving out those going on retirement.

Prof. Bella Assumpta Lucienne, Director of the hospital in her welcome speech, noted with satisfaction the road covered by the structure in the just ending year. She said with the assistance and permission of government, the hospital was able to foster its recruitment programme, pay allowances and bonuses to staff and above all, put up a good fight against corruption within the hospital. Though some staff of the hospital passed away in 2010, Bella Assumpta said their contribution to the growth of the hospital cannot be underestimated. She said the rehabilitation of some infrastructure and the refurbishment of the automobile parking lot are some of the priority projects earmarked for 2011

The traditional annual feast was also special with the Muslim faith, protestant and catholic denominations, preaching the gospel of peace, faithfulness and above all, the respect of the Hippocratic Oath. From Imam Yaouba Hadji to Pastor Jean Bazor Foumane and Rev. Father Maurice Joseph Ondoa, the message was that of putting the plight of the sick first and inviting peace to continue to reign in the country. Placed under the theme, « Professional Conscience, » the religious leaders told the medical staff present that by respecting the gospel, they will also be able to abide by the Hippocratic Oath which is their watch word.

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