Wirngo George Mkika is a terrorist living in Kuvlu village : OperationShunshine

Wirngo George Mkika

Wirngo George Mkika is a terrorist living in Kuvlu village, Nkum Sub Division of Bui Division. He has caused many atrocities in the village that has led to many displeased people.

The beating and killing of so many people by the Amba terrorists are Coordinated by him. As a teacher of GSS Kuvlu, he removed the Cameroon Flag from the school in November 2017 and gave it to the Amba terrorists to set it on fire at the village market square.

Wirngo George is collecting two salaries monthly, that is his normal salary (matricule No : 747126Q) and that of his late brother Wirngo Valentine (matricule No: 727264T). Wirngo George has been collecting his late brothers salary since 2015. That’s why he has been able to coordinate and sponsor the Amba activities in the village.

Because of sunshine from blackLegs, he was arrested in Sabga last year on his way to Bamenda by the Ntuba Gendarmes and was later transferred to BM Bamenda.

He was later released after a period of one and a half month and he went back to the village where he was boasting that he paid corrupt military officials 2million fcfa before he was released. He said he was untouchable.

The Ambazonia terrorist propaganda TV Channel is being watched in his house every day till late in the night. At the moment since he could no more travel to Bamenda he had issued a procuration in his sister’s name Wirngo Mary Baninla living in Tobin Kumbo Bui Division. The sister should be arrested and Mr wirngo George should be arrested AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for questioning and his salary should be stopped with immediate effect.


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