North West : GBHS Kumbo Budgets FCFA18.5m for 2009/2010

Kumbo (Bui) – The parent teacher association (PTA) of Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Kumbo recently held in the school auditorium. During the stormy session a three-man audit team was put in place to re-examine the expenditure of the PTA for 2008/2009 school year. One of the auditors resigned on claimes she found

loopholes in the expenditure. A 21-member steering committee of the PTA was elected and commissioned in Compliance with a text from the Ministry of Secondary Education. Besides, members of the PTA general assembly resolved to pay off a debt of 3.8 million francs owed to one Peter Nsamenka who constructed the then G.S.S of Kumbo since 1976 and has not been paid for 33 years. The money was to come from the 2009/2010 school budget. The meeting chaired by the P.T.A President, Shey Christopher Lukong and the Principal of G.B.H.S Kumbo Gideon Fulem Neba adopted an operational budget of FCFA 18.5 million for 2009/2010. To raise the earmarked budget of 18.5m frs, each old and new student admitted into the school has to pay a PTA levy of 5000 francs and 10.0000 francs respectively. The chairman of the P.T.A, in his speech, presented both projects realized for 2008/2009 and those earmarked for 2009/2010. He told participants to avoid emotions and be objective so as to come out with something useful for the students. The Principal of the school, Gideon Fulem said henceforth the deadline for old students to pay their fees will be on the 18th September 2009 while that for new students and repeaters has been fixed for August 28th 2009. He reported that the school public sound system has been stolen from the office of the Vice Principal. He complained of lack of rooms to house appointed officials of the school. Mr. Fulem said the present enrolment of 3207 might drop next year because of lack of accommodation. He disclosed that the government has given science minor kits as well as an investment credit of 16m frs to repair the school adding that 96 students have not paid their school fees up to the date of the meeting. The Assistant Divisional Officer for Kumbo Central Subdivision Felix Milla in his observations said he was very satisfied with the massive attendance of parents and active participation in the meeting. He told parents to do everything possible to fight against the drop in admission of children next year by executing the projects approved. The Chief of Extra Curricular Activities in the Divisional delegation of Secondary Schools Peter Akisa said the G.B.H.S. Kumbo PTA was functioning at variance with ministerial text. He reminded the ad hoc audit committee to submit its report latest the 15th of July 2009 to the PTA. He thanked the meeting for putting in place the steering committee of the PTA made up of parents elected from all classes in the School.

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