Mrs Biya Receives Wife of Chinese Ambassador

Mrs Jiao Xiaoli was at Unity Palace last Friday to express her wish to work with the First Lady in her goodwill gesture. Barely some days after her arrival in Cameroon, the wife of the Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon, Mrs Jiao Xiaoli, could not be indifferent to the humanitarian actions of the First Lady, Mrs Chantal Biya. That is why last Friday, 17 July, she was received in

audience at the east wing of the Unity Palace by Mrs Chantal Biya. Mrs Jiao Xiaoli was not only eager to meet Mrs Chantal Biya, but also to express her interest and wish to join the First Lady in her humanitarian actions that are taking place, particularly through the Chantal Biya Foundation and also through the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), an association which Mrs Biya is the founding president. Given that the First Lady of Cameroon has a kind heart and has demonstrated her friendship to many, including people from China, the Chinese ambassador??s wife said after the audience that she was ??anxious to meet the beautiful woman with a passionate heart??. Reason why as she stepped out of the Oriental Pavilion, Mrs Xiaoli declared: ??I really want to participate in what Mrs Chantal Biya is doing to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable groups of people in the world??. For close to 20 minutes, Mrs Biya and her guest, who happens to be a diplomat by profession did not only discuss on charitable issues and how they can collaborate to assist the needy, but also on the friendly relationship and cooperation ties that exists between Cameroon and the People??s Republic of China. According to the Chinese diplomat, relations between Cameroon and China are moving on well. Before separating, Mrs Jiao Xiaoli handed a gift to the First Lady.
Brenda YUFEH, Cameroon Tribune

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