Mines, Industry and Technological Development: Strict Implementation Of Mining Code

Minister Ernest Gbwaboubou made the emphasis at the National Assembly on Friday March 16, 2018 as he answered questions from Parliamentarians.
The non-respect of mining regulations which pose health and environmental challenges to local inhabitants has made the government lay down a mining code for proper development of resources. Responding to questions from Members of Parliament on measures taken by authorities to fight illegal mining and protect the ecosystem, the Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development Ernest Gbwaboubou presented an action plan to that effect. His response centered on three principal aspects; problems of artisanal mining in the country, measures adopted, actions in the short, mid and long term periods to improve the sector.
He said, as per the mining code, feasibility studies are done before exploitation on mining sites. Minister Ernest Gbwaboubou cited the three-year emergency plan which outlines strategies in the mining sector on limiting negative environmental impacts, protection of biodiversity through proper mining codes, rehabilitating or the closure of dangerous mining cites which rather constitute a risk to the population and the protection of citizens living close at proximity range to some mining cites. To this effect, he said defaulters of the mining code face heavy sanctions when found wanting as per the law.
In the domain of capacity building, he said besides sensitisation campaigns and the spread of mining information, his Ministry welcomes and trains geology students from public and private institutions of higher learning for internship. He revealed that his Ministry will in the days ahead sign an agreement with the University of Douala to that effect. According to his response, every initiative by the government seeks to improve the mining sector and increase competition.

Eulalia AMABO

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