International Archives Day: IFCPA gets an important boost from CIRTEF

In the build-up to the International Archives Day, the Conseil International des Radios et Télévisions d’Expression Française, CIRTEF has made an important offer to the CRTV Audiovisual Heritage Training and Conservation School, IFCPA.
Archives worth three teras were offered to the institution whose mission includes the management of the country’s archives.
The Director Delegate of IFCPA, François Marc Modzom received the offer while stating the institution’s determination to live up to expectations.
He affirmed that IFCPA ‘s immediate plans include collecting archives on Cameroon from the UN, AU, Senegal and France, amongst others countries and institutions.
The Head of Department of Conservation of Audiovisual Heritage at IFCPA, Julienne Rosalie Medjo noted that the institution has already collected archives from CRTV’s ten regional stations and other data from the ten regions of Cameroon.
Data collected, include pictures, audio clips and videos depicting Cameroon’s culture, the country’s history and historic speeches pronounced by Cameroon’s presidents.
The Senegalese Ambassador to Cameroon, Vincent Badji took part in the ceremony as a show of support to IFCPA.
His presence gave the assurance that Dakar will be available to assist the institution collect archives on Cameroon.
The IFCPA Director Delegate announced a planned visit to the National Audiovisual Institute, INA in Paris where important documents on Cameroon could be obtained. He said some of these documents date as far back as 1947.
The Resident Representative of L’Institut Africain d’Informatiques (IAI), Armand Claude Abanda was present at the event and pledged to continue supporting the CRTV Audiovisual Heritage Training and Conservation School in the domain of digital conservation.
CIRTEF’s representative, Hubert Atangana recommended a special installation to have access to archives of the institution.
He also promised training programmes for IFCPA’s archive managers.
A guided visit of stands erected for the visitors portrayed IFCPA as a bank for Cameroon’s audiovisual heritage.
Activities to commemorate the International Archives Day at the CRTV Audiovisual Heritage Training and Conservation School continue till Friday 8th June 2018.
Film projections, exhibitions, photo competitions, traditional dances and fashion parade will punctuate the three-day event.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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